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Coach Clarke announces the
2014 WUSTL Soccer Alumni Game

Arguably the most accomplished alumni team in the US

The Wash U alumni soccer teams must be near the best in the nation. 

Word is Wash U was the number one ranked Division III alumni soccer team, in an unofficial, unpublished national Gallup poll.  The alumni team accomplishments are almost legendary.  The Bear alumni are now 2-0 against Wheaton Alumni, after applying a 2-0 thrashing to the Crusaders this past September.   The Bears were led by 1996 ‘one and done’ star Andre Watts, who scored both goal for the Bears (only rubbing salt in the hole his abrupt transfer left in the program)  Currently the record setting Bear Alumni players are most active in Chicago.  Last summer the Bears nearly stunned the soccer world in the Alumni World cup tournament which FIFA hosted in the third world city of Chicago.  Despite housing and water issues the Alumni advanced to the final by defeating heavily favored Northwestern in the semis  only to fall in the final  to the  (laced with ex pros and non-graduates) Indiana ,  4-3 in the final. 

Searching for that Elusive Victory

At present the Alum Bears stay sharp with as many as 3 teams in the Chicago indoor leagues.  No one will come out and say why but they wear the reasoning on their sleeves.  Written records go back as far as 1977 and oral history 15 years deeper with each record saying the same thing.  The alumni have still not beaten the WUSTL varsity soccer team.  Hence they stay after it.  The alumni endure the bumps, bruises, splinters and pains of the indoor seasons determined to make their mark in world soccer history.

Mark Your Calendars

April 12, 2014, 1 PM at Washington University the alum and the returning varsity players will go at it again.  Let us know if you can make it.  (Thurteen and reunion weekend)

Spread the Word

Don’t count on the University having accurate e-mail addresses (which provides my list).  All alumni at any University try to hide the ways to contact them.

Applied Science

Science was not my top subject.  I took one semester of Biology and one semester of Chemistry.  What I have learned has been by osmosis on the bus rides with the many Wash U team.  Here is what I have concluded regarding this phenomenon.

The Wash U men’s soccer team continues to win against the deeper and deeper pool of alumni players for several reasons;

  1.  The Wash U, on average, never gets older;
  2.  The Alumni, on the other hand, grow further and further from their prime
  3. Surely the varsity must be getting exceptional coaching

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We few, we happy few, we band of brothers: for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.