WUSTL Soccer Class of 2014

I may not be huge into sports culture, riding the rollercoaster of emotions, ecstatic with every win, desolated with any loss, but I do get caught up in WUSTL soccer games. The match on Sunday was the perfect game to suck me in. 

It was a beautiful day. Our annual senior game, celebrating the boys who I have watched grow from obnoxious freshmen. And it was Rochester. It is always fun to beat Rochester.   

Henry Cummings

We were not even two minutes into the game when Rochester scored off a head ball around the six. It hurt because I train the keepers and any slight imperfection in their play I immediately take as my fault. I should have done better in training.

But our team is known to start slow and we have come back before. Now it was up to the field players to score, and my keeper to be flawless. The momentum build started slowly, but as we found our game so grew our confidence.

In the second half, the bears were pretty well controlling the game. It was hard to tell if rochester was trying to pack it in and hold onto a single goal lead, but with our play, scoring could not be far off.  

Then a rather unlikely left footed shot came from a freshman that went into the game to help even the size and strength matchup. Henry hit a beautiful ball the found the far, top corner and we were tied. Only eight minutes left in regulation.

With the energy and play tilting for the Bears, everyone knew this was our game to win. However, time ran out. We were unable to get the winning goal in regulation, but overtime would work to our favor. 

Then, a couple minutes into the first overtime and the original hero makes a poor pass back. One small error. Rochester capitalizes and our excitement is gone.