My last day at University City Children's Center was Friday. The kindness and thoughtfulness shown by the teachers, children, and families was overwhelming. I will miss them all. 

The Superstars presented me with a wonderful book that I just had to share.

"What Should Mr. Jeff's Next Job Be?"  by the Superstars

"Mr. Jeff should work at the art museum."  ~Audriana

"He should go to Centralia and work at Paw-paw's work." ~Marcus

"Mr. Jeff should teach Pilates." ~Olivia

"Mr. Jeff should work at New City School." ~Giovani

"He should have 2 jobs. A doughnut shop and a costume shop." ~Kar'Mon

"Mr. Jeff should be a snowman." ~James

"Mr. Jeff should work at Mercy Hospital, doing surgery on people." ~Leaira

"Mr. Jeff is pushing a grocery cart. He should work at a grocery store." ~Olivia

"Mr. Jeff should build cars." ~Lucas

"...Astronaut? They need talented photographers on the International Space Station." ~Mr. Taylor

"Mr. Jeff should be an independently wealthy philanthropist by day: crime fighting super hero by night." ~Ms. Deanna