It was supposed to be a moon of the decade. A super moon. Showing both Sunday evening and Monday evening. Most people photographed it on Sunday evening, but I decided to go out with family and wait until Monday. Big mistake. The moonrise on Sunday was about 45 minutes earlier than Monday. So instead of being able to capture a great moon rising over Lake Loveland, I got a super bright ball rising in nearly complete darkness. Nonetheless, I was standing in the mud with my camera, so I got what I could and then played around in Lightroom until something interesting emerged. 

The first image is the Eisenhower Ave on the south end of the lake. The next four are when the moon is starting to rise, but still mostly obscured by clouds. The last image is actually two imaged merged together. When the moon is correctly exposed, everything else goes to black. So I did a little photoshop work to have a correctly exposed moon and reflection, while still being able to get an idea of the horizon.