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Olivia in the net


Olivia in the net

After not playing since 4th or 5th grade, Olivia decided to return to the soccer field, but this time as a goalkeeper. She started with her high school team (Loveland Indians) and continued on with club (United SC). She is rapidly improving, earning Player of the Week for her club team and more than anything else shows tremendous guts while in the net. 

Pretty sure this is the first foul Olivia has committed in two seasons of play.

It is a ton fun (and at times a little stressful) to watch her play. Plus I get the opportunity to photograph more soccer.  Here are photos from her club team games that I have been able to photograph.

20170923-United SC at Boulder County ANAS-PMG_7269.jpg

at Boulder County


20170916-United SC Premier at Boulder FC-PMG_7133.jpg

at Boulder FC


20170909-United SC Premier at Laramie-PMG_6796.jpg

at Larimie, WY


20170826-United SC at FoCo Arsenal-PMG_6498.jpg

at FoCo Arsenal


20170811-United SC at Players Cup-PMG_6451.jpg

at Player's Cup


20170810-United SC Premier vs FC Boulder Athletic-PMG_6092.jpg

vs Boulder FC




Flashing Night Soccer

I love that David Hobby (a.k.a. @Strobist) is willing to share his brilliant flash photography brain on his website. Recently he wrote a tutorial on how he used a flash to photograph an evening football game. I took that idea and tried it out at a recent WUSTL Soccer game. My results may not be Strobist quality, but I'm pretty pleased.


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Brining back old Successful Soccer podcasts

Today I received an interesting call from Paul in Flint, Michigan.  Quite frankly it was a call that I never  expected.  Paul and his wife have taken on the challenge of helping coach their children's soccer teams.  With a little research he some how found reference to my "Successful Soccer" podcast, but was not able to find links to the actual files.  So he called to find out if the podcasts were still available anywhere.  Of course they were not.

Since Paul went to all of the trouble of finding me and calling me to ask if the podcasts still exist, the least I figured I could do is post the files again.  I am not sure if any of the episodes are very helpful for coaching real young kids, but perhaps a few.  If memory serves me correctly, possibly #3 - "Goal Kicks" could help with teaching kicking and #8 - "Receiving" could help with controlling a ball.  Then maybe #4 - "Defending 1 on 1" but that may be a bit technical.  If, however, you are coaching or are a player that is in middle school up through high school and beyond, all of them are worth a listen.  Well at least I hope they are.

Who knows, perhaps this is just the kick in the pants I need to start recording new episodes.  Since my daughter Olivia has decided to play again after taking a few years off, maybe I can get inspiration and topics from watching her.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, add a comment.  If there is interest, I will make more.  Thanks for listening!

Here are the nine that I did record.

Episode 001- "The Big Thing" [10:04]

Episode 002 - "Catching" (goal keepers) [13:46]

Episode 003 - "Goal Kicks" [18:41]

Episode 004 - "Defending 1 on 1" [15:38]

Episode 005 - "No Hands" (goal keepers) [13:19]

Episode 006 - "Space" [16:01]

Episode 007 - "Crosses" (goal keepers) [20:03]

Episode 008 - "Receiving" [11:59]

Episode 009 - "Evaluation" [30:56]

So thank for calling Paul!  I hope one of these are at least a bit helpful.

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WUSTL Soccer Alumni Game

WUSTL alumni Yesterday I was lucky enough to play in the WUSTL Soccer Alumni game.  (No, the photo above is not me making a save.)  I believe this was my 17th alumni game.  Unfortunately it might be my last.  While in the net, I was out at the top of the box when a long ball was played down the attacking right wing, my left.  It was not going to be caught by the winger, but out of habit I sort of shuffled/jogged back towards the goal line.  As I was going I felt a very sharp pain in my right calf.  Almost as if I had just been hit with a rock or for some reason I thought perhaps a golf ball.  I started looking around for whatever just hit me, but found nothing.  It was right about then that I knew I was done.  Strained calf, out for the game.  Actually it is still tough to walk on today.  I can't stretch my right calf.  Try walking without stretching one calf muscle.  It is hard to do.

Fortunately this put me back on the sideline, with a camera in my hand.  A much safer place for me.  Unfortunately the Alumni ended up losing 2-0.  I sure it would have been worse if I played longer.  The Alumni were skilled and strong, the images below show Matt Twardowski easily shruging off an attack from behind and jogs away.

It was a great showing by alumni, even if the score did not end up in our favor.  We had over 20 alumni play and even had three alum who played in the 60's.

To see the rest of the photos from the game, visit my page.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.