Today I received an interesting call from Paul in Flint, Michigan.  Quite frankly it was a call that I never  expected.  Paul and his wife have taken on the challenge of helping coach their children's soccer teams.  With a little research he some how found reference to my "Successful Soccer" podcast, but was not able to find links to the actual files.  So he called to find out if the podcasts were still available anywhere.  Of course they were not.

Since Paul went to all of the trouble of finding me and calling me to ask if the podcasts still exist, the least I figured I could do is post the files again.  I am not sure if any of the episodes are very helpful for coaching real young kids, but perhaps a few.  If memory serves me correctly, possibly #3 - "Goal Kicks" could help with teaching kicking and #8 - "Receiving" could help with controlling a ball.  Then maybe #4 - "Defending 1 on 1" but that may be a bit technical.  If, however, you are coaching or are a player that is in middle school up through high school and beyond, all of them are worth a listen.  Well at least I hope they are.

Who knows, perhaps this is just the kick in the pants I need to start recording new episodes.  Since my daughter Olivia has decided to play again after taking a few years off, maybe I can get inspiration and topics from watching her.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, add a comment.  If there is interest, I will make more.  Thanks for listening!

Here are the nine that I did record.

Episode 001- "The Big Thing" [10:04]

Episode 002 - "Catching" (goal keepers) [13:46]

Episode 003 - "Goal Kicks" [18:41]

Episode 004 - "Defending 1 on 1" [15:38]

Episode 005 - "No Hands" (goal keepers) [13:19]

Episode 006 - "Space" [16:01]

Episode 007 - "Crosses" (goal keepers) [20:03]

Episode 008 - "Receiving" [11:59]

Episode 009 - "Evaluation" [30:56]

So thank for calling Paul!  I hope one of these are at least a bit helpful.

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