F Word
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A little background. Olivia and Jennifer have a little ritual they like to partake in every now and again, eating Funyuns while watching TV. Occasionally Jennifer cannot control her cravings and will dive into a bag before the scheduled event. This drives Olivia nuts.

So the last time I went to the grocery store I bought two bags of Funyuns. One I placed in the typical spot for all to see, the other I hid on top of the fridge, behind the microwave. (Yes, we keep the microwave on top of our refrigerator, a benefit of being tall.) I told Olivia about this secret bag, but not Jennifer. Just in case.

The morning after the ritual of eating a bag of Funyuns in front of the TV, Olivia reminded me of our "secret". During the hustle of getting ready for school and work, I did not remember our secret. When I asked Olivia what she was talking about she replied with, "You know, the F word." In a moment of panic, I thought that for sure I had let loose with the F word and some how asked her to keep it a secret from her mom. I didn't have any recollection of this, but it sounded at least plausible. The look on my face must have told Olivia that I was puzzled if not in a slight panic. She pulled me down and whispered in my ear, "The Funyuns dad. Remember?"

Oh, that is the F word.....Funyuns.

(If you are wondering about the photo, and why I would take such a picture, I thought a visual reference would add to the story. Of course in order to keep the F word a secret, they were pushed back farther behind the microwave, but I thought I could move it a little to make the photo a little more interesting. Typically I have photos and then have a story that goes with them, this time I have a story and had to make a photograph. A little different, but maybe the start of something.)