100116-Ice Carnival-5978Our family loves to walk to the Loop and partake in a lovely dessert from FroYo.  I have even posted a video featuring Mia enjoying her FroYo.  When the FroYo in the Loop is busy, you end up waiting in line right in front of their nutritional information display.   This thing is big, almost stretching from ceiling to floor.  It is two sections, the first on the left with the numbers the one on the right describing how great FroYo is.

So why is it that the numbers under the nutritional value state: 100116-Ice Carnival-5984

And on the right it says something completely contrary? 100116-Ice Carnival-5985

Now this is not going to keep me from enjoying a nice evening of a self made frozen yougurt dessert with my family and friends, but it will make me chuckle every time I go.

It has also given me the opportunity to kick off a new category on my website:  "Rants, Raves & Observations".  I am now going to go back and change my General Category posts to Rants, Raves & Observations.  I much prefer the sound of it over General.