091219-Bread Co-5377 Saturday morning is a great time to go to Bread Company (a.k.a. Panera Bread) with friends.  today I brought my camera and Lensbaby selective focus lens.  It was pretty grey and gloomy outside and the light was not great, so I cranked up the ISO to 1600 and dropped in a f2.8 aperture ring.  There is a decent amount of digital noise in many of the photos, especially the first two where I still had in a f8.0 aperture ring. 091219-Bread Co-5372 But playing around with it in Lightroom allowed me to salvage something.  I kinda like the look of Maria “RealFitMama” Sparks in the photo above.  There are more photos from the day, all taken with my Lensbaby at my photo site, all in the Saturday at Bread Co gallery.