At the end of the year there are always posts about one's photo of the year.  I have never really thought about having one photo of the year, because almost all of my photos are more for memories then they are for great art.  After all, how is a  dad supposed to decide if the horseback riding photo is better than the sprinkler photo? This year is different, someone else decided.  This year Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBS) chose one of my photos to use on their annual New Year's Card.  Perhaps you remember this photo?


It is just a lucky shot that I got when my girls and their friends next door were playing in the rain and I was playing with my new camera.  In a lucky turn of events, Britt's mom worked at BBBS and put this image on her computer.  I don't know the exact sequence of events, but I do know they (BBBS) was able to turn my image into an amazing card.  (download pdf version)

For those of you not into downloading a pdf, the front of the card is the photo above with a silver border and the words "GO AHEAD" at the bottom.  On the inside it says, "LIVE A LITTLE in the NEW YEAR." and has the BBBS logo below.  A very well designed card.  Plus on the inside left it says "Britt Vaughn, 6 years old, playing in the rain.  Photograph by Jeffrey Pomranka."

I know many people are very used to having their photos published and used for marketing, but this is a first for me.  Then on top of it, they used the photo to make a big banner for a front window of their office.

BBBS & Britt-7905

BBBS & Britt-7893

Of course BBBS asked my permission to use the photo and rand every proof by me and Britt's mom.  Becky James, the Executive Director of BBBS has been very professional and took great care in making sure I was happy with how my image would be used.  Of course I am just happy to help.  My oldest daughter, Olivia, has a "big" who visits her weekly during her YWCA after care program, so it is even a agency who provides services to our family.

While I doubt that I will have a "Photo Of The Year" in 2009, it is a great feeling to have someone chose one for 2008!  Now I just need to remember to "Live a little in the new year."

To see more photos of the banner, go to my Flickr page and look at the images tagged "bbbs"