O rides a bike-2
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Today Olivia reached the wonderful milestone of learning to ride a bike, without training wheels. Unfortunately all I had with me to capture the moment was the camera on my phone.

There was only had one little mishap before the training wheels came off. Olivia forgot how to stop when she neared the end of the parking lot and ran smack into a curb, flipped over the handle bars and landed in a ditch. While she was a little shaken up, in just a few minutes she was back on the bike and working on her stopping skills.

It was not much longer before she was ready to have her training wheels removed and was riding around on her own. To see the rest of the photos of Olivia riding without training wheels, check out the bike tag on my flickr page.

Please know that the photo of Olivia face down in a ditch is only a reenactment.