I am not the world's biggest or best advocate, far from it. But there are certain things that just make me shake my head and wonder, "How could they miss this?"

One such instance hit me today when I stopped by the U. City post office. When I went in, something seemed a little off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Not until I walked out the power assisted door and looked down the ramp, a ramp that was put in just a few years ago to make an old, beautiful building accessible to people who use wheel chairs, scooters or other mobility equipment.

The ramp was still covered in snow. As is so common to say, Fail! Probably a simple oversight, but come on.

Now my first response was to pull out my phone and take a couple photos documenting the problem so I could upload them to the web and complain, showing everyone how awesome I am.


Why did I not just walk back in and let someone know about the problem. Nope, that did not occur to me until I got home and started typing up this post.

Fortunately I found some common sense and called the post office to let them know about the snow covered ramp. I spoke with a kind woman who sounded a bit embarrassed about the oversight. She thanked me and said it would be addressed. I am confident it will be.

Now my post turned from my original, bashing to a gentle reminder to clean your ramps and simply remind those who forget.

But I am still going to post the photos of a snow covered ramp. ;-)