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I was able to photograph Paige & Darren's wedding on July 1, 2006. I had a great time as there was a ton of time for me to make a variety of different photos at a variety of locations around Forest Park. I took a couple at the hotel where the wedding party got ready, then we went to CID (where Paige & Darren met) and worked our way to the Jewel Box in Forest Park for the ceremony. They even had more time for photographs after the ceremony prior to the reception at the Living World in the St. Louis Zoo. I have added just a few of the photos from that day to my flickr site. You can see them by looking in Paige & Darren's set or by the tag, "paigedarren".

A special thanks to Bob for putting me in touch with the happy couple and especially to Kate "Winner" McHugh who took a bunch of candid shots and help me tremendously throughout the entire day. I could not have done this without Kate.