090111-Princess Mia-8150Once again, I skipped having a POTD yesterday simply because I was crabby.  Not a good day for me to be creative.  Today, however, Mia stepped out of her room dressed from head to toe in her pretty pink princess outfit.  Everything from the Cinderella tiara, to her full length gloves, all the way down to her Belle princess heals. 

As she came out of her room, she exclaimed, "I dressed all by myself!"  A very proud young girl. 

This photo is probably not the best photo ever, but again, I am using my POTD as a learning experience.  The trick to this shoot was Mia's patience.  From the first photo to the last, it was less than five minutes.  Mia just does not have the patience to pose for photographs.  As a matter of fact, when I asked if I could photograph her, her first response was, "No."  I talked her into just a couple and then she came out with a classic Mia line:

"Ok, but I am taller because I am wearing high heals."

I guess she did not want me to cut off the top of her head due to her new found height.  I took about a dozen photos in the time with the few I was using a "voice activated light stand" as coined by the Strobist.  Olivia started with my flash on camera right and moved over to camera left.  She was not real focused and not having fun, so by the time I got this photo, I was holding the flash with my left hand. 

The reason I chose this photo is because I was trying to balance the ambient light with the flash and still be able to see the lit candles in the background.  It worked, almost.  The candles are visible in the background, but I don't like the shadows from them and the tv cabinet they are on, so that tells me they are being lit by the flash.  Arrgh!

None the less, a cute girl in an ok photo.  Below are a couple others of Mia in her princess outfit, a little taller than usual.  Including one using the "old photo" preset in Lithgroom.  For the rest look at photos tagged, Mia in Flickr.

090111-Princess Mia-8140090111-Princess Mia-8146

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