Snow Angel - cropped

We had a decent bit of snow in St. Louis at the end of January.  It was not tons, but enough to really cover the ground and the statues that I brought back form Loveland over the summer.  We have on angel in the front yard that looked pretty cool with the snow coming up one side of it.  Snow Angel

So quickly before I had to take the girls to school I rushed out side with my camera.  I wish I would not have been rushed, because I was not really happy with any of the photos.  The best one of the day still required some post processing in Lightroom.  Nothing too much except for really cranking up the black levels.

Although the photograph is not horrible, the thought of a massive crop to get rid of all of the red in the background sounded interesting.  So I took the photo to the left and turned it into the photo above.  I think the cropping really simplifies the image to show what I really wanted to show, all the snow piled up on the angel.  What do you think?  Agree or disagree?

Leave your thought in the comments.

Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 200 Aperture f/1.4 Exposure 1/1500

Lighting:  Just the overcast morning sun

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