Mia at Home Depot Today we went to Home Depot with Olivia's scout troop for a fun day of making wood trinket boxes.  I did bring along my camera to photograph some memories.  It was a fun time, but I did not make a single fantastic photo.  The one above is probably my favorite.  Mia was very excited to get her own apron, complete with her name as well as a pin and the opportunity to make something cool.  The woman in the background of this photo was very kind even though Mia played shy and did not really say a word to her.

Olivia's scout troop seemed to really enjoy themselves and allowed me to photograph all of them at the very end.

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Camera:  Pentax K20 with Pentax DA18-55mm lens ISO = 200, Aperture=4.0 and the exposure was 1/45 of a second. Lighting:  Home Depot lighting

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