The Three Lettermen Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 400 Aperture f/8 Exposure 1/45 Lighting:  SB-25 @ 1/2 power into a silver umbrella at camera left + Pentax 360 @ 1/4 power at camera right, both triggered with triggered with AlienBees CyberSyncs. Plus the sun light coming in through windows.

The reason behind this image is mostly for practice.  I have a couple ideas for composite images I want to make, but I have never done something like this.  So I grabbed my three letter jackets (just to make it interesting) and gave it a shot.  I see a couple little editing errors, but that is mostly due to just wanting to get it up quickly.  I am cheap, so the editing was all done with GIMP, a great open source image manipulation program.

At least now I know I can make the images I have in my head.  I wonder if they will look as good as they look in my head.  Stay tuned.

For those who are interested the jackets are from: (left to right) Kaiserslautern American H.S., Germany; Doherty H.S., Colorado; Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri

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