091122-porksteaks-4438Sure,it is a bit odd but when I was grilling on Sunday I decided to bring out the SLR and a flash to see what type of photograph could be made when the subject was pork steaks.

Of course you have to start with the raw meat, sitting on a tray (covered in foil so you can discard the foil and use the same to bring them in).

091122-Pork Steaks-4428 My suggestion for the above image is different that what I typically recommend.  For it and other photos of slabs of raw meat, I don’t think it is wise to look at the image in the original resolution.  It is just a bit to meaty.

091122-Pork Steaks-4444 They look much better after being on the grill for a while and browning up nicely.

091122-Pork Steaks-4439 Ahhhh, nothing like meat on a grill.  See more on my Flickr page under the tag “pork steak