West Coast Reuben from Maria's DeliYesterday I went to Maria’s Deli (map) to photograph some of their great sandwiches.  It was nothing fancy and I was shooting the sandwiches as they were being made.  Unfortunately we did not have the time nor the budget to make a model of each item, place it just so, adjust all the lighting and get the perfect image.  This was a run and gun shoot if I have ever seen one.  Maria was taking orders, Jason was making the food and I was trying to get some shots while staying out of the way as much as possible. While I think we got some good images that will be great to use on their soon to be released website, I have yet to process them all.  However, I did experience their West Coast Reuben (spelling corrected) that was phenomenal!  So I just have to share.  It is pumpernickel rye, oven roasted turkey, smoked gouda, sweet & sour slaw and Jason’s killer mustard.  Served hot and delicious.  If you are ever near St. Charles rock Road and 170 between 11 & 2 Monday through Friday, stop in.  The rubin is typically the Tuesday special, but follow @MariasDeli on Twitter for daily updates.  Yesterday was National Milk Chocolate Day so in addition to having the rubin, cookies were two for one.