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Loveland Sculptures

Loveland StatuesWhile in Loveland, CO this past spring we spent a few minutes at Benson Sculpture Park.  After all, the reason we visit Loveland is to see all the sculptures.  Well I did not want to have the typical tourist photos of the sculptures so I did what I could to get interesting photos, mostly by changing the perspectives.  Here are my favorites.  To see all the photos from the day, look at my photos tagged “sculpture” in my Flickr photostream.


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Red Hots Softball Photos

090627-RH Softball-5589 On a very hot weekend at the end of June, I was asked to photograph my niece Katie’s softball team, the BNGSA Red Hots.  It is my niece’s softball team.  I managed to make it though the day game where I am pretty sure it was 100 degrees in the shade, but of course there is no shade on a softball field.

I started with a team photo and then got some action shots of the team while they were warming up.

090627-RH Softball-5141

090627-RH Softball-5169

I even pulled out my Lensbaby to try for some fun, artistic shots.

090627-RH Softball-2801

The afternoon game was fun, and although they worked hard, the Red Hots were unable to pull off the win.

090627-RH Softball-5317

090627-RH Softball-5407

I returned for the evening game to find out it would be delayed for almost an hour.  It was right before sundown, so I used the time to get some posed shots.  I went for a dynamic look, trying to balance the ambient with flash from the side.  Some images work better than others.

090627-RH Softball-5565-2

090627-RH Softball-5606

As the sun went down, the pretty lighting went away, so it was time to pull whatever I could out of my Pentax.  Fast action and low light don’t always mix.

090627-RH Softball-5664

090627-RH Softball-5729

I played around with some slow shutter speeds to really show action, but did not get anything I loved.

090627-RH Softball-5904

Fortunately, I got a couple shots I like and the Reds Hots hung on to win.

090627-RH Softball-5881

090627-RH Softball-5882

090627-RH Softball-5705

The one rather odd shot is my niece and her friend, Kayli showing off their scars from their Automated Introverted Cardiac Defibrillators.

090627-RH Softball-5632

To see all of the photos from the day, please visit my Smugmug gallery.  As is my typical method, the full resolution photos are available to download and take to your preferred photo lab.  Because, however, some people ask how they can donate or pay for my time, I make prints available for a relatively small price.  A 4x6 is only $1 and 8x10s are $5.  So, feel free to download or buy a print, just enjoy.



Photo Of The Day 01/24/09 - Mark Barnes for U. City School Board

I had the honor of photographing Mark Barnes and his family for Mark's campaign.  I made a bunch of photos (hopefully some will be useful), but this is quite possibly my favorite.  It is just Mark sitting on the steps in his house as I was setting up all of my gear to try to get a good family portrait.  When I saw Mark on the steps I thought it might be a good photo so I grabbed a light stand and fired off a couple shots.  Mark was great because he did not try to pose or do anything special for the camera.

Camera:  Pentax K20 Tokina 19-35, 3.5 lens  ISO 200 Aperture f/5.6 Exposure 1/180

Lighting:  SB-25 @ 1/2 power (I think) into a silver umbrella to camera left triggered with AlienBees CyberSyncs.

Post Processing with Lightroom.

Mark's campaign is one of the reasons I have taken so long to post this and Friday's POTD.  I not only got to photograph Mark, but I also get to help on his campaign with the website, or as I like to say, New Media Management.  My hope is to get Mark a website ( - but not live yet), get him on Facebook, have his photos on Flickr, and create his own YouTube channel.  Perhaps I will even get him to post on Twitter, but I am not sure if there are enough U. City residents who Twitter to make it worth the effort.  Maybe when he wins, we will get Twitter going and encourage people to follow his progress for improving University City Schools on there.

I hope that I don't miss too many more days of photography, but the campaign is really exciting.

Plus if that is not enough, I have also started helping Steve Zwolak (a.k.a. Mr. Z) from UCCC with a video project he is doing.  It is not being released yet, but if you are interested in early childhood education, specifically literacy, watch this five minute video, Developmental Lines.

See the rest of my Photo Of The Day posts here or just look at the photos on Flickr

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Daddy Bill's spot

Daddy Bill's spotOriginally uploaded by ucitysoccer

Right now I am in the Denver airport waiting to catch my flight home. I traveled to Colorado for a sad occasion, my grandfather's, Daddy Bill) funeral. (obituary) However, Daddy Bill had a full, wonderful life and lived for the past 50 some years on a lake in Loveland. This photo is where he would sit, relax, probably read the paper, and enjoy the beautiful view. I am sure you can see why it is such a great spot. More photos from Loveland on my flickr page with the tag, Loveland.

Updated 12/19/2009