I had the honor of photographing Mark Barnes and his family for Mark's campaign.  I made a bunch of photos (hopefully some will be useful), but this is quite possibly my favorite.  It is just Mark sitting on the steps in his house as I was setting up all of my gear to try to get a good family portrait.  When I saw Mark on the steps I thought it might be a good photo so I grabbed a light stand and fired off a couple shots.  Mark was great because he did not try to pose or do anything special for the camera.

Camera:  Pentax K20 Tokina 19-35, 3.5 lens  ISO 200 Aperture f/5.6 Exposure 1/180

Lighting:  SB-25 @ 1/2 power (I think) into a silver umbrella to camera left triggered with AlienBees CyberSyncs.

Post Processing with Lightroom.

Mark's campaign is one of the reasons I have taken so long to post this and Friday's POTD.  I not only got to photograph Mark, but I also get to help on his campaign with the website, or as I like to say, New Media Management.  My hope is to get Mark a website (www.barnesforucity.com - but not live yet), get him on Facebook, have his photos on Flickr, and create his own YouTube channel.  Perhaps I will even get him to post on Twitter, but I am not sure if there are enough U. City residents who Twitter to make it worth the effort.  Maybe when he wins, we will get Twitter going and encourage people to follow his progress for improving University City Schools on there.

I hope that I don't miss too many more days of photography, but the campaign is really exciting.

Plus if that is not enough, I have also started helping Steve Zwolak (a.k.a. Mr. Z) from UCCC with a video project he is doing.  It is not being released yet, but if you are interested in early childhood education, specifically literacy, watch this five minute video, Developmental Lines.

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