Mia & Matthew

Sometimes a great image is not technically good, but fun because of the subject. I don't think any of the individual images of Mia and Mathew are technically great.  some are cute, but the lighting is bad, the focus is often very soft and the composition is simply, blah.  However, when they are shown together, I think they make a very fun image.

I wonder if the fact that I have a camera pointing at Mia almost every day makes a difference.  Has she been desensitized to the camera or is her very bubbly character just shining brightly?  Probably a little of both.

The photos were made at the Jackson Park Boy Scout Chili Cook-off in the basement playroom of Jackson Park Elementary School.  Mia was following Matthew around all night and they appeared to have a blast.  For more photos of the night, look at my Flickr photos tagged "ChilliCook-Off.

Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 800 Aperture f/2.4 Exposure 1/125

Lighting:  Crappy school lighting

Image put together in GIMP

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