Thanks to the Wayback Machine, there are the original show notes.

some of the goaty goodness in  this weeks show…

  • Andy Rubin (Android Big Boss Man) lays the geekiest smack down EVER!
  • Macbook Air – Do we care? (Hey that ryhmes) – and the pro’s of  flash memory apple store
  • Some legal issues about where you can and can’t shoot… woth watching the included video
  • – Simon’s fears coming true? When lego becomes self aware! Eeek
  • – cassette tapes finally dead….were they not already?
  • – a nuclear bomb shelter for sale in Devon £350,000..bargain! Possible new podgoat studio?
  • In our listeners question section we help @davoverse with his VHS issues (kickin it old school).
  • App of the week –  turns into more of a discussion around tumblr and it’s uses and available mobile apps. So go straight to tumblr for more info.
  • Movie corner – Simon and Pete tell us all about there visit to the Premiere of RED at the Royal Festival Hall and Disco gives a run down on the Toothfairy.

our question to you this week….

This week we ask you which three items (not person or pet) you would grab before heading into your bunker in the event of a nuclear strike? We’ll share the best answers from the blog here and our own answers on next weeks show.

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