Thanks to the Wayback Machine, there are the original show notes.

In episode 19 Simon does a runner leaving Disco and Pete to talk about…

muppet christmas carolipad christmas bandlasenza cup size choir, darren winning a bag, wikileakswookieleaksunbuntuchromium os, the trouble withtumblr and why you want to try posterous.

We also go through the answers we recieved to last weeks question of the week so a big thanks to all those who replied (@pomranka @cocomedia @krisBMitchell @tdnayalor)

Apps of the week included HedgewarsKeepass & TV Guide

Movie Corner covered The Losers & Hurt Locker via @tidygrooves

This weeks question section invited our listeners to start auditioning to get the change to replace Pete and join @_disco and @gtvone on air whilst he’s in Vietnam over the festive period so get your pitches into the comments, our inbox or tap us up on twitter quick.

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