NOTE: This post is very image heavy, sorry if it is slow to load. I think the photos are worth it.

We may be developing a weird Easter habits. Last year it was photos at a Civil War Prison while this year we stopped by a old warehouse. But first Jenn & Mia made Oreo balls and colored eggs with shaving cream.

Easter morning started with baskets, and yes, even the dogs have a basket. Then it was church before we left for Alton. Of course I had to get some photos of the girls with our blooming pear tree in the background.

On our way to the grandparents' house, we stopped for more photos. Jenn even joined in.  

After the egg hunt at grandma's, the girls were so excited & hopped up on chocolate that they started flipping around the yard.

The more experienced crew, simply sat and watched. 

On the way home we still had the energy for one more stop & photo shoot.

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