Mash-up (noun) "a mixture or fusion of disparate elements"


With it being a snow day, Jennifer decided cookies were in order, so Mia and I took on the task. As Mia is refining her cooking/baking skills and has made these cookies many times at her grandma's house, she took the lead and really did most of the work. 

As is usual, I decided to overboard and pull out the SLR and flash. A simple snap from my phone just wasn't going to be enough. My original desire was to get a cool image of a freshly baked cookie. (What do you think?) Instead of simply sitting, pretending to supervise, and waiting for a finished product Mia and I mashed-up baking and photography.

Naturally I did most of the photography and Mia did most of baking, but she did let me participate a little and she took a number of photos.

We hope you like what we made. A lot more are uploaded in a Baking Cookies gallery.