This year was probably one of the best vacations to Colorado we have had in a long time.

We started down south in Colorado Springs with a customary visit to Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. We are obviously bigger fans of the fresh sweets than the spring water. Topping both was the zipline adventures. Jenn and my dad were a little nervous, but Olivia and Mia loved to let go and enjoy the ride. 

Although it embarrassed the girls, we did get our photo at what I like to call the intersection of love.

When we made it up to Loveland our time was spent either enjoying good food and beer, or having fun on the lake. Olivia did a little water skiing, but "couching" was the favorite activity, by far.

To end the trip we watched fireworks over the lake from the comfort of home. Nothing better.

The photos below help fill in the story, or you can see the novel by visiting my Colorado 2014 gallery.