It started last year when the girls were outside looking for something to do. They were bored and could not think of a thing to do so I could just relax and enjoy the warm weather. So I sent them on a scavenger hunt. I thought up things for them to find and they would run off giving me a couple of minutes of bliss. But like all kids, they would quickly return with the item they found. (How did they find these things so fast?) It was a tricky balance, the item had to be difficult enough to find to buy me some time, but not so difficult they would give up.

Once they collected all of the items, they had to make it into something. This year, I wanted to see them make the face of a creature. (Mia is really into scary stories, so it seemed to fit.) The photo above is what they came up with. I liked it. Creative, yet still well done.

Then I had to leave and mom started to help out. While the faces may not be of a higher quality, although they might, the creativity soared! The first one they sent was sticking out its tongue.

The second was even more over the top. The message I got along with the image was, "Here's a boy crying. He has a unibrow and a wart."