Today I was at the Gibbons family reunion (Jennifer is a Gibbons) and was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph everyone.

It was a little tricky to light such a large group with only two small umbrellas, but with the help of Lightroom, I think the group photos turned out ok.

There are a couple other options on my Smugmug site under the Family Galleries, but I chose to use the one above in this post because Mis is being her typical silly self. (Look in the bottom left, third child in from the edge)

I also got photos of two of the families while we were together.  If any other family would like a family portrait, just let me know.  It is fun to photograph families!  Send me an email or drop a message from my Contact page.

While I was setting up my lights I made Katie be my test model.  Little did she know that I would then post those photos to my Flickr page.


Be sure to see the photos of Katie trying to win at musical chairs.

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