100122-Chili Cookoff-6501The boy scouts of Jackson Park School, held their annual chili cook off and I was there with my camera.  Mostly I was playing with the Pentax 16-50mm f/2.8 lens that I rented and wanted to see how it worked in the low light.  It did a good job, but trying to add a little fill light with just the camera’s built in flash caused a nasty round shadow at the bottom of the image.  Typical for a large lens with lens hood on. 100122-Chili Cookoff-6493

Olivia’s brownie troop was there selling desserts that really hit the spot after trying to taste 20 different chili recipes. 100122-Chili Cookoff-6498

I was then asked by Mr. Barnes to get some photos of the award winners.  He sure does appear to have fun being the emcee.

100122-Chili Cookoff-6571

All the photos from the evening are available at jeffreyphoto.com in Events.