Being a landlord has its ups and downs.  One of the big ups is being able to write into a lease the things you want in there.  In the lease we use one of the stipulations is that the tenant cannot put signs up in the yard.  Not a big deal until it is an election year and the new tenant loves Palin while we, the landlord, support Obama.

Of course we have our Obama sign posted proudly in the front yard.

When Jennifer stuck this sign up, our tenant wanted to show her support with a McCain/Palin sign.  Unfortunately for her, she did not read the fine print of her lease and we had to tell her, "no."  However, since I am a kind, understanding landlord I made an exception and allowed her one yard sign.  The only stipulation, it could not be larger than two inches by two inches.  "Ha, ha!  Take that you tenant."

Of course she did and I almost fell off the sidewalk when I saw her response.Obama sign-6978

But then she takes it a step further.Palin pumpkin-6977

Palin pumpkin-6975

I need to update the lease to somehow keep unsightly pumpkins from taking over my front porch.  The only upside is the squirrels have now destroyed most all of the pumpkins.

Don't forget to vote!

UPDATE: The dissenting opinion can be found on Fighting Gravity.