Wow, I have not posted an update since I was in Loveland almost two months ago.  A lot has happened in those two months, I have over 4,300 photographs to prove it.  What in the hell am I going to do with that many photos in two months?  To be honest, most are not really for me.  I have a ton from WUSTL soccer, two weddings, photos of each family at UCCC and ones from JP Golf team. 

I guess it is time to get caught up and start adding posts.

To start I am gong to add a link to photos from our trip to Loveland.  They are up on and can be found in this set.

Blue Crane

Of course being on the lake gives us lots of photos of water.....

O Drives the boat

Mia drives the boat

...but we also got up into the mountains one day for a little horseback riding.

Mia watches the horse

Olivia rides back to the stable

Alex & Jenn bring the horses home

Truth be told, we also spent a lot of time just hanging out and playing on our computers.

Mia on the laptop