Mia on a swing smilingMy photo of the day today was taken while on a walk with Lily and the girls.  Mia loves the park, so we had to stop and play for a little.  I took a number of photos during the walk and while at the park.  I even tried to go a little artsy and made a kind of cool photo of some tree branches (link) but I really prefer the pure joy captured on Mia's face while she was swinging. Nothing fancy in the photo set up.  I shot aperture priority and used a couple previous swings to get the focus down.  I then locked the focus and waited for Mia to swing back.  Snap and I was lucky she was smiling and her hair was all over the place.

Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 200 Aperture f/3.5  Exposure 1/1000