While at the park today I was inspired by a photo made by Chase Jarvis. (web)  It was made on his iPhone and looks to me like he flipped the phone as the shutter clicked.  (link)  I thought, my BlackBerry takes really crappy photos and has a long delay between hitting the button and the shutter actually going. My idea was to hit the button and flip the phone to see what I could get.  After a couple tries I got two that are interesting.  Both have my girls in them.  The first is Olivia chasing Lily, running from the photo's right to left.  The purple blob is Mia.Blackberry flipping photo of dog and girl running in park

The next has Olivia & Mia standing in front of a pine tree with leaves all around on the ground.  So what do you think?  Add your thoughts in the comments.Blackberry flipping of girls standing by tree in Jackson Park

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