Bottle of Bitch wineTaking a photo every day is supposed to make me a better photographer.  Make me learn things.  Well today's photo has helped me learn a lot.  I had an idea for a cool back lit photo of my wife's bottle of Bitch wine.  (I don't know if the wine is any good, we just like the name.)  So I set up the bottle on the table with my Nikon SB-24 firing from behind.  The flash had my Pringles can snoot to try to focus/control the light a bit.  On each side of the bottle I positioned a white card to reflect light back onto the front.  After all, when one is photographing Bitch wine, you gotta be able to read the label.

In my mind this is a fabulous photo.  In reality, it has a lot going wrong.  First, the obvious.  I had the bottle on a black reflector that has some obvious wrinkles.  The back lighting really helps to show that.  Kinda ruins the look.  I am also not real pleased with how the flash creates a hot red spot right above the label, although I like the little glow at the bottom.  I thought about putting some black tape on the back of the bottle to fix that, but it was late and I had to put my girls to bed.  I am also not real happy with the reflections of the white cards.  I guess they are not a huge problem, but I am working on perfection.  I am just not sure what I would do to fix this.  But that is why I am practicing.  Give me a few months and I will remake this photo.  The other thing is at the bottom of each white card I used a little sticky tack to hold the card still.  When you look at the full size image, those green & yellow blobs jump right out at you.

I am sure there is more, but it is late and I need to get some sleep.  But I do consider this a very successful night, because of how much I learned.  So I will be able to sleep well, knowing I am on my way to being a better photographer.  After all, it how much worse can I be?

Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 200 Aperture f/1.4  Exposure 1/90 with +0.5 exposure compensation (accidentally left on from previous day)

Lighting:  Single SB-24 @ 1/64 power, Pringle can snoot from behind with a white card on each side, reflecting light back onto lable and front of bottle

Post processing: Yes, in Lightroom.  Upping black levels a bit.  Cleaning up some weird sparkles along the curve where the bottle becomes the neck.  Plus some sharpening.