Today I had the opportunity to wear one of my favorite Christmas gifts, a pair of camera cufflinks.  Since I won't get the opportunity to show them off very often, I figured I might as well play around and see if I can make a good photograph of them.  Today, I spent a little more time on the details, unlike yesterday. The set up is rather simple.  I had my Nikon SB-24 about 3 feet behind a 40" Westcott Reflector that had the covers removed and was being used to defuse the light.  On camera right, just out of the shot a small whiteboard was used to reflect some light back and soften the shadows.

Perfect furnishing

Camera:  Pentax K20 50mm prime lens  ISO 100 Aperture f/5.6  Exposure 1/180

Lighting:  Single SB-24 @ 1/4 power, about 5 feet from cufflinks with diffuser between.  Fill light added with a white board just our of frame on camera right.

I know most people would prefer to see photos of my girls, they are gorgeous after all, but unfortunately they do not sit as still as a set of cufflinks or wine bottle.  When I am playing with lighting, I really need a still life.

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If you really need to see a photo of people, take a look at this one that I made while waiting for the entire DSAGSL staff to arrive for a staff photo.  I don't know what it is, but I find it a rather amusing photograph.  Plus, if you look at the full size image (careful, it is big) you can even see that I am wearing the cufflinks above.  It all ties together so nicely.


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