When eight inches of snow dumps on St. Louis, you can pretty much be assured it will be a Snow Day!

Today was unique for our family, because the snow planets aligned and everyone was off! So sledding was a definite must. Here is how the day went.

First we had to clean the cars off.

girls-cleaning-snow-off-truck girls-on-car-hood-cleaning-snow

Then we found out with this much powdery snow, it can easily find its way to an exposed wrist. Nothing a toe sock with a few well placed snips can't fix.


Then we finally made it to the hill.

jennifer-sledding mia-riding-a-snowboard olivia-riding-a-snow-board mia-sledding-into-deep-snow olivia-falling-off-snowboard

The sledding was then followed by great soup at the Bread Co.

For all the photos of the day, visit my Sledding 2011 photo gallery.