Mia wearing underwear on her head

We say that Mia dances to the beat of a different drummer, but often have difficulties with specific examples that express exactly what Mia does to make her so unique. Well tonight we have a great example. As the girls were getting ready for bed Jennifer told Mia to put on her pajamas and clean underwear. Tonight Mia said she did not want to change her underwear. Well this was not an option, so Jennifer insisted that Mia do so. Jennifer started in a little bit with the "good hygiene" talk, but Mia interrupted and said, "If I have to put on new panties, I am going to put them on my head!"

So that is exactly what Mia did. She put on a nightshirt, new panties and also a new pair of panties on her head. For the rest of the night, Mia walked around with an underwear hat.


Perhaps it is not so unusual for a child to put underwear on their head, but Mia's reasoning just seams a little unusual.


I guess that is what makes Mia, Mia. Of course I grabbed the camera so we could have a good memory, but other than that, life went on as usual. The girls had a little snack and relaxed watching a little tv before brushing their teeth and going to bead.


Of course Mia did not go right to sleep, but that is a different tale.