Olivia's Converse on  our U. City Walk I am often that guy.  The guy who takes his camera at times and to places that most normal people don't bring a camera.  I'm not talking about a camera phone or a small point and shoot, I am talking about an over sized, SLR with a large lens.  The kind of camera that gets people to comment on how nice that camera is.  I don't know why size equals quality, but in cameras people often see it that way.    Nonetheless, I was that guy once again on Saturday morning.

On our walk to Bread Co. (a.k.a. Panera) I decided to lug along my camera.   (Yes. the big obnoxious one)  I started the day with a shot of my shoes.  They are new and I like them.  I also thought the contrast between the new, clean canvas and the damp, textured sidewalk looked cool.  Trying to tie that all in with a somewhat wide lens, this image resulted. 20100731-U City Walk-4998

It was alright I guess.  What else should I photograph while I waited for the Sparks to meet up at our set corner?  Probably sticking with the cute girl in the stroller would have been a better choice. 20100731-U City Walk-5006

But then Olivia asked for the camera and I am glad she did.  She rattled off a number of interesting shots, including the one of her green Chucks at the top of this post.  I guess it was a foot kind of day. 20100731-U City Walk-5022

20100731-U City Walk-5024

20100731-U City Walk-5027

There are a few more  images posted on my Flickr page including some interesting sunflower shots and a giant turtle hiding under a bush.   Just look for the set, "Walking In U City 7/31"