Thanks to the Wayback Machine, there are the original show notes.

In this weeks episode we talk more about our cash for reviews scandal on iTunes and give a big thank you to teabaghero for his recent review. We also have a quick discussion about this video by Ben Folds who must have been listening to last weeks show about chat roulette and included this little improv in one of his live shows, Thanks for listening Ben!

We take some time bitch about ticket touts and Simon requests your help finding a domain name. Discussion then moves onto the most useless camera gear ever and ways of getting inspired to get your camera out and go and shoot and also where you can find a list of photo walks happening in your area.

We discuss our favourite lenses of all times and as usual throw in more than a little bit of Nikon vs Canon banter for good measure. Disco quizzes Simon on the differences between Aperture and Lightroom before chaos descends and we finish up bouncing around in space with our guitars out! All part of a normal Sunday morning! enjoy!

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