Just like the title says, this one is missing.



Thanks to the Wayback Machine, there are the original show notes.

Hey Goat fans just wanted to write a short note apologising for our tardiness. Misfortune has followed podgoat.com over the last couple of weeks and we have been unable to bring you the show (BOOOO!). Some of the delay has been caused by Simon taking a well deserved break in France sucking onions and other reasons have been outside of our control.  We diligently tried to record episode 6 yesterday but we were plagued with ADSL connection issues which meant the resulting audio files were even more of an incoherent rambling mess than our usual offering (yes I know that sounds impossible! lol). I could post what we did end up getting before rudely ousted by a dropped connection for the 10th time but I’d rather save some of the topics for a time when we can do them justice.

I’m sure at some stage we will release this “missing episode” on a 60 min audio cassette tape to try and create mass cult appeal….but until that point you’ll have to wait until next week when hopefully we’ll have better luck and be able to give you a full show.

Thanks for sticking with us and keep on goatin’….Stu & Sime

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