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My good friend and co-host, Disco-Stu (Known as Disco-Stu to his mother) has stupidly given me the keys to “our car” and gone to bed! So folks, this week on Podgoat! We have a co-co-host PedroKid (Aka Petey Repka – international man of beer drinking and living near the M1!) and the three of us discuss the following!! (What an amazing and diverse list I hear you chant, in unison!)

  • Blog Action Day – This year on Oct 15th, we’re joining hands and blogging about water.
  • We give you our experiences of “Remember The Milk” one week on. (iphone is better than Android, obviously, dIscO you name-dropper!)
  • Home Printing V’s Lab Printing, is it worth the bollock ache?
  • One of our NEW FEATURES – App of the Week! iPhoneAndroidiPad – We give you an App to try, weekly (sort of) (click the device for our choices!)
  • Reader Question: Comes from Toby Naylor “Do you stream BlueNote in NY over your mobile device on Thursday night?” – not very specific then Toby? We answer – NO (we should, though)
  • The second of our NEW FEATURES “Movie of the week” We suggest you some movies to go watch, DVD or otherwise (Piracy is a crime people!)
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