Thanks to the Wayback Machinethere are original show notes.

In this weeks show we shatter the illusions of the big 101010, discuss the latest microshaft/adobe rumours, and what it would be like to be a Chilean Miner (as opposed to a minor in the catholic sense! oo-eer). We then ramble for quite some time about the pro’s and cons of tethering and I ramble on a little a bit about high speed photography projects and We then launch into a very long debate sparked off by the turd burglar and reach very  few conclusions…..which is only proper for a Sunday.

This weeks mobile apps of the week include official twitter on iphoneflixster on all platforms, and tweetdeck beta for android.

I gave a quick run down on what I thought of Salt and we also discussed the virtues of the what must be the greatest action films of all time. Lots of laughs and other topics covered but the only way you’ll find out is to LISTEN!! 

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