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© Cocoa Media Dave who is damned awesome

© Cocoa Media Dave who is damned awesome

Podgoat Think Tank Photo Awesome Give Away!


All you need to do to get your grubby mits on this dead awesome camera sling bag from Think Tank Photo is either tweet the following phrase, or post the following phrase on theFacebook wall of Think Tank Photo… Simple right?

RT this Tweet this Facebook this BLog this Shout this from the hill tops (get a video, you’d probably win!)“ podcast loves @thinktankphoto and so do I. #slingomatic #giveaway #podgoat”

Good luck, we’ll draw a winner on next week’s recording of


And Finally…

Useful web links – – homepage thingy pretty icons laytr – a email reminder service (simple but elegant) – skymap now adding time machine!

THanks again for getting involved… hows about you try begging in the comments below for the awesome Think Tank Photo Sling-O-Matic camera bag!…

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