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Welcome earthlings! 
So, we kicked off another AWESOME episode of PodGizzle with Disco’s amazing intro… 3, 2, 1… aww, it’s me..

We send a hearty hello to our (possibly) youngest listener, Olivia! Hi Olivia!There’s a GREAT reaction video (below) thank you to Pomranka and Olivia for this!

Happy Thanksgiving Yankee Doodles! | Christmas is coming and DISCO has that Christmas feeling! Pete’s headed to Vietnam with Wifi (or, Wifee) and we auction Pete’s position as awesome Podgoat announcer over Christmas! (apply here)

*insert* The Amazing Glitter Covered World of Bod! *Bod, really!?*

"This is not a ride on lawn mower"

"This is not a ride on lawn mower"

We DRAW the WINNER of the AWESOME Think Tank Photo Sling-O-Matic 20! valued at $159.00 (you gotta listen to find out if you won, baby!)

App of the week *insert rubbish jingle here*

Simon – If it’s OK with you two, I’d like to have “Find My iPhone” as my App! Except it’s included in your iPhone iOs 4.2.Whatever now!
Disco – wireless tether and SD wifi card access (oh and not an app as such but VillainROM)
Pete – I don’t recall what Pete chose!


Useful web links!
You park like an Asshole – Check it out here

Movie/Music Corner
Stu – The expendables and the last airbender (oh and enjoying Temper Trap)
Pete – Twilight
Simon – Frost v Nixon / Music:

Question of the Week…
When Santa comes down you Chimney this year what 3 things does he need to have in his sack for you? (Please comment below!)

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