Brunch at L'ÉcoleCulinaire!

Olivia's brownie troop was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with a special brunch prepared by Chef Jason Sparks at L'EcoleCulinaire. The brownies served the food that Chef prepared. Assisting that day was a true assistant and soon to be graduate of the school, Mike, along with a very helpful newbie, John, and of course a guy who spent most of his time behind a camera, me. However, I did make the whipped cream by hand.

Quiche for brunch

The brunch started with a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait that was prepared almost exclusively by John. That was followed by an amazing quiche that was made completely from scratch, (Tip: For a great crust, use ice cold water.) along with a fantastic balsamic salad. To end the feast was some type of chocolate waffle topped with my whipped cream and fresh strawberry sauce.

The girls were eager to serve their mothers and I believe the moms had a wonderful time.

To see the rest of the photos from the day, visit my Flickr page and look at the Brunch at L'Ecole Culinaire Set.

Girls are ready to serve