The story really started on Saturday night right before dinner when Mia slammed her finger in a door. OUCH! Mia and I were off to the ER. Long story and a longer stay at the ER (almost 4 hours) to find out that Mia broke the tip of her finger and also ripped the nail out of its bed. SUPER OUCH! But Mia was great and we were told to keep it dry. Easy enough to do unless you are leaving in the morning to go to an indoor water park for vacation.

Sunday morning and we have to get some supplies and a prescription for Mia. I have a plan. We cover Mia's hand with a water proof glove, tape the wrist with water proof tape and cover the tape with that plastic wrap used to hold ice bags in place by athletic trainers.

We finally get organized, packed, eat and on the road at 12:45pm. A little later than planned, but check in time is 4pm, so it is ok. The ride is uneventful for the most part. Mia tried to sleep most of the way but said, "I want a comfortable bed to put my head on." a number of times. As we get to KC, Mia decides it is time to puke. This is becoming typical so we were prepared. A plastic tub with a lid, a roll of paper towels and two scented garbage bags (gotta double up) and all is good.

We pull up to the lodge right at 4:30pm and the girls are amazed. Mia right away decides she is all better and this is where she wants to live. We drop the bags in the room and take a quick walk around the lodge to scope things out. The girls are so happy they are even being nice to each other, walking down the hall holding hands and being perfect.

Once we change into our swimming suits and cover up Mia's hand, we head to the main attraction. It is full of kids, parents, grandparents and every type of person you can imagine, but it does not seem crowded. The first thing we want to try are the slides. We are not sure if Mia is tall enough, but we grab two double tubes and climb up the stairs. Olivia is excited and nervous at the same time. She did some smaller slides a number of weeks ago in Chicago, but these are higher and longer. Mia does not know what to think. The closer we get to the top, the less Mia wants to try. But we know Mia is a thrill seeker and really encourage her to go with me just once. It was a fairly fast ride and we were up and down the sides of the tube, but Mia LOVED it. We do it again with switching who goes with who. Olivia and I try the other slide which is a little faster. We were flying and at one time felt like we were going to flip right out of our tube. What fun!

Olivia and Jennifer head off to do things and Mia takes me to the kiddie section. She was loving the jets that shoot water out of the ground and the little slides. We also did a couple laps in the lazy river before we take two more trips down the giant slides. Wow! What an exciting 75 minutes. The best part, Mia's glove worked perfectly.

But everything must end, so we wrap up, dry off and head back to the room to change for dinner. The girls are very eager to go the arcade, so we eat at the lodge and head down for games.

I left the camera in the car, so there are no photos from today. I did shoot a little video that I hope to edit when we get home, but otherwise you will just have to use your imagination.

It is 10:45pm and I am wiped. Time for bed. It looks like I am sharing with the Moo. I hope she does not kick too much.

NOTE: Post was edited on 4/25 to add photos.