This morning was a great day for sleeping in, overcast an cool. Olivia did pretty well and slept until just about 8:00am. Mia and Jennifer slept until after 9:00! That is unheard of. I cannot remember the last time Mia slept so late. It is probably because she did not get a very restful night of sleep. We shared one of the queen sized beds and I have never been kicked and hit so many times in one night. I bet Mia moved more in her sleep than most kids move all day. It showed when she woke up, she was not happy and it took a couple hours for her to stop fussing.

But after a breakfast of cold cereal (who knew Mighty Bites from Trader Joe's were so yummy) and coffee (No, the girls did not drink any coffee) we slowly got ready for the water park. We did not leave the room until 10:30 and by that time the water park was hoppin. Our first fun was the giant water slides. As usual I was with Mia and Jenn with Olivia. The water slides are cool, you ride on big two man inner tubes with the biggest person in the back. Of course on our first ride down Mia and I tip at the very end and we go under. No harm done, but Mia won't have anything to do with the slides the rest of the day.

However, we did discover the hot tub and that became one of Mia's favorite places to visit. A warm relief in a rather cold water park this morning.

For lunch we get in the car and drive to the Legions, a large out door mall with tons of places to eat. We choose the T-Rex Cafe just because dinosaurs are cool. After we did a little walking around and then ice cream at a Cold Stone Creamery.

When we got back to the lodge the girls wanted to play in the arcade, but it was having some repairs done. Instead we did the touristy thing and bought some magic wands so the girls could go on a MagiQuest. Basically it is a magical scavenger hunt where your wand helps you open or find magical elements. There are magic chests, pictures, crystals, and such all networked so your finds are tracked for you. A little cheesy, but Olivia loves accomplishing a multi-step task and having a computer screen tell her what a great job she did. Almost a real life D&D, so right up my alley.

Then back to the water park for more fun and wet adventures. This afternoon was great. It was a little warmer and empty. I would say at 10% capacity. There were no lines at all and everything was empty. Unfortunately, Mia still did not want to go down a slide, but she did enjoy the hot tub.

By now, the girls are exhausted, but Mia still does not want to go back to the room, or our "pretend home" as she calls it.

We decide to get Pizza Hut (available at the lodge) and while it is being made we do a couple more quests MagiQuest. Then back to the room to eat it and watch a little TV. At this point Mia is so tired, she is completely unable to control herself. I pick her up and in about 45 seconds, she is out like a light.

So, I put her to bed and head to the computer to write about our second day at our pretend home.

NOTE: Post edited on 4/25 to add more photos.