If you have read either of the first two posts in the Great Wolf Vacation you probably get that we bounce between the water park and something else out here in Kansas City. Today was no different. We started the day with going to Crown Center for a little shopping and fun. Fortunately I have been there before because the directions from the hotel were simply wrong. But it only added a couple minutes at most to our morning journey.

We walked around and Mia got some more make-up, a.k.a. lip gloss, and we headed to the Hallmark Kaleidoscope. That is where the photo above of the girls on the bench was taken. However, it is something you have to signup and go in at a specific time and we did not want to wait until 3pm. So we watched some school choirs, went to the Crayola restaurant for lunch, got some candy, watched some more school choirs and decided to head back to our pretend home.

Once at the lodge, it was time to go swimming. Mia still did not want to go down any of the slides, but after a little while had more fun playing in the big structure. I believe she has been very worried about getting her hand wet even though it has stayed very dry wrapped up in a rubber glove, taped and then package wrapped.

Olivia had a blast like always and this time I took the point and shoot into the water park to grab some memories. I have not done much with any of the photos yet because processing them on a four year old laptop with only 512MB of memory is painful. I have included this one of her standing under one of the many water features.

After spending a number of hours in the water park we headed back to our pretend home to change and then back to out finish that crazy MagiQuest game. Olivia completed all of the tasks earlier and started an adventure tonight. Well the adventure was going along just fine until the end when we had to battle the dragon. The instructions were lacking so we had to ask an employee for help. Even with his telling us what to do we ended up spending about an hour trying to figure it out and finally just gave up. It was time for dinner.

Fortunately our pretend home had enough leftovers for all of us to have a decent dinner. This is one of the big benefits to having a room with a refrigerator included. It was nothing fancy, but did save us the cost of going out yet again. All we had to do was find some ketchup packets for Mia to be able to enjoy her leftover hotdog.

The end of the evening was spent relaxing and just enjoying a little down time. The girls played Webkinz while Jenn and I read.

Whew vacations are tiring!

NOTE: Post edited on 4/25 to add photos.